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Health Benefits of Renting a Bounce House

Inflatables Provide Health Benefits!

Children bouncing in a bouncy house

If you have ever watched a child on an inflatable, you know the pure joy that comes from bouncing. Jumping, and the play that comes from enjoying a Lake Erie Inflatable bounce house rental, is more than simply fun. Inflatables provide #HealthBenefits to kids (and adults) physically, mentally and socially.

Physical Health Benefits

Running and jumping through an inflatable gives children an aerobic workout that stimulates the respiratory and circulatory systems, strengthens muscles and increases blood circulation. The soft surface also helps to improve balance and coordination. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommends children have one or more hours a day of physical activity. Lake Erie’s water inflatables are a great way to get that hour (or more) of activity, all while having fun!

Mental Health Benefits

It is almost impossible to be grouchy jumping on an inflatable (although there are many kids who have tried). The fun had on a Lake Erie Inflatable improves your mood and overall well-being. The physical activity you get from an inflatable causes the body to release chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that increase your sense of well-being. This can also lead to fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Social Health Benefits

Bouncing in an inflatable is not something you normally do alone. Inflatables create a social atmosphere because everybody wants to join in. Whether it is a birthday party, block party or church picnic, you get to know everyone a little better jumping and sliding on a Lake Erie Inflatable. This can help build confidence and self-esteem, not to mention gain a friend or two!

Now that you know the health benefits of a bounce house, you may be asking yourself when you will ever have the opportunity of renting one!

Four children bouncing in a bouncy castle
Always a great way to get the kids socializing!

Anytime is a great time for an inflatable!

You don’t have to be throwing a kids birthday party to have some inflatable fun! There are so many occasions in which a castle bounce house, inflatable water slide or a bounce palace would make an outdoor gathering or event complete!

Family Reunion

Getting the WHOLE family together? Aunts, uncles, grandparents and maybe some second cousins you haven’t seen since they were babies? Nothing brings a family together better than a giant inflatable! There is something about bouncing that just puts everyone in a good mood! Everyone will get to know each other all over again in a #GiantInflatable! Whether you are creating elaborate games with some pirates or defeating the Death Star with the Millennium Falcon, a few hours of fun in an inflatable will bring the whole family and whole lot closer!

Block Party

These social parties with the neighbors are not just for the adults! Skip the traditional boring yard games and spring for an evening of fun for all the kids and kids at heart! The street will be hopping with squeals of joy and laughter from the fun to be had with an unique inflatable! Who cares about the hotdogs or potato salad when there is a giant AT-AT walker or princess palace in the middle of the neighborhood!

Church Social

Take your next church gathering up a notch with hours of fun in an inflatable! Kids will beg their parents to stay “just a few more minutes” so they can take another ride down the water slide bounce house or bounce inside of a bounce house. Parents never had such an easy time getting their kids to church!


Make your next fundraiser a smashing success with the addition of an inflatable! Who wouldn’t buy a ticket (or five) to jump and bounce their way through a knight’s castle or create a Star Wars adventure? Don’t be surprised if a few tweens and teens decide to join the line as well! The line for your inflatable will be long and last until the night is over. You’ll be the belle of the fundraising committee! A successful night will be guaranteed with an inflatable!

Indoors or outdoors, in a backyard or in a park, wherever there is a Lake Erie Inflatable, there is going to be running, laughing, loads of fun and of course, jumping! And jumping is good for health after all!

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