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How to Throw a Birthday Party On a Budget

Birthday parties don’t have to be big or extravagant to create a great memory for your child. No matter if your budget is big or small, you can throw a fun and eventful birthday party for your child that will create a special day that will last them a lifetime.

Here are 5 ways to create a fun birthday party on a budget.

two girls with a balloon and birthday hats

1. Keep it small

Not every birthday party has to include every member of your kids’ class, all the neighborhood kids plus all your friends and relatives. There are special birthdays where that can be fun, but for the in-between birthdays keep the guest list small. A handful of your child’s closest friends plus maybe your parents and your spouse's parents are really all that is needed to make your child feel special on their birthday.

In addition to a smaller number of guests to keep costs down, you can also send digital invitations to eliminate the need to buy paper ones. Half the time the kid’s lose them on the way home and you have to call the parents anyway, save yourself the time and money!

2. Reuse decorations

If you have multiple children, or your child is a little older, chances are you have a closet full of old birthday party decorations. If you want to keep costs down, reuse those decorations! With a few small changes, previously used decorations can be given a whole new life!

Check out your local dollar store for a great selection of birthday decorations, plates, cups and balloons at an affordable price. Or mix and match themes to create a whole new unique theme - pirate dinosaurs!

3. Stay home

Save a little dough by having the party at your house! Warmer months are ideal for this as you can have the kids running around your yard, but an indoor party at home can be fun, too. Create some fun and easy low-key games or watch a movie.

The location of the party can save money, but so can the time of day. Plan the party between meals so you will not have to feed guests a full meal. Snacks and drinks will suffice. Showing the kids a movie? A popcorn bar can be fun and inexpensive! You can also make your own cake or have kids decorate their own cupcakes for a fun and low cost activity.

collection of colorful paints stickers and beads for a birthday party

4. Double duty

While staying at home will save some dough, your house might not have all the fun and adventure of a playzone or arcade. Find some inexpensive crafts online to keep the kids busy. As a bonus they can also take them home! Crafts will double as favors!

5. Bargain hunt

Don’t wait until the last minute to look for supplies. Party favors, and decoration can go on sale at various times of the year. Grab them when they are cheaper to save some money when it’s time to plan. Dollar stores also have a wide range of supplies.

Also, buy in bulk. Buying online from a bulk store for favors, decorations and other party needs is much more inexpensive than going to a party supply store.

The memories you create with your child at their birthday will last longer thanthe crepe paper on the walls of the helium in the balloons. Take a lot of pictures, be a part of the day and have fun! That is what a birthday party is all about!

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