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The Best Outdoor Fun for Kids of Any Age!

Warm weather is back! Time to get outside! Time to get the kids off the couch and away from devices! Kids age six and up require 60 minutes of exercise throughout the day according to the CDC and littler ones should be active throughout the day. Let’s plan some fun outdoor get togethers for kids of every age!

Toddlers and preschoolers

Little kids love to run around and play outside! Give them some fun activities that will create lasting memories.

  • Create a treasure hunt. Who doesn’t want to go looking for buried treasure? Create a map out of a paper bag and find clues hidden around your yard or neighborhood leading them to X marks the spot of “buried treasure!” Top off this fun event with a pirate-themed inflatable so they can continue swashbuckling throughout the afternoon!

  • Get creative! There are lots of ways for little ones to flex their creativity in the great outdoors! Use sidewalk chalk on your driveway, patio or yes, sidewalk to make some fun drawing. Have a theme like creating a zoo or a circus and give each kid something specific to draw and then create a story with the artwork.

Young girl writing on sidewalk with chalk

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t like bubbles. Little and big kids alike like to make bubbles of all sizes and chase them around to make them pop. Plastic cups, pipe cleaners and even straws make fantastic bubble wands. Try one or try them all!

Young boy blowing bubbles

Kindergarten through elementary

As the kids get older, the fun can only increase! Kids kindergarten through early elementary have more dexterity and can follow multi-step games and activities. Fresh air and outdoor play helps kids this age in a myriad of ways and they don’t even know they are being healthy - they are just having fun!

  • Create a scavenger hunt. Similar to a treasure hunt but with more riddles or clues to solve, this fun activity will challenge their mind as they race to the end!

  • Tag is a classic game that never grows old. With so many combinations (freeze, TV, shadow), when one game is over a new one can begin!

  • Turn musical chairs on its ear with a dance party version instead. Have them rock their favorite moves and as soon as the music stops, they have to freeze. Last one moving is out! Up the ante by changing dancing to bouncing on a #GiantInflatable. Last one bouncing is out!


Tweens (age 9-12) maybe in the “too cool” stage, but no one is too cool for some outdoor fun. Especially when a water slide bounce house is involved!

  • Prepare to get drenched! A water balloon fight is a great way to get kids moving and cool off on a hot summer day. Create teams or just have a free for all! For more structured fun, start with a water balloon toss. You’ll still get wet! Then head over to slip and slide down a Star Wars themed wet/dry inflatable to keep the wild wet fun going!

 Bucket of colorful water balloons

  • Ready, set, go! Find out who is the fastest by creating an obstacle course in your yard. Compete as a team or individuals to see who is the most agile and quick. Include a pass through the #StarWarsParty obstacle course to up the challenge and fun!


Teens could be the hardest (or the easiest depending on the group) to get excited about playing outside. A giant inflatable will easily bring out the little kid in them and their competitive spirit may help with the rest.

  • Games in a new light. Take old worn out games and give them a fresh spin. Frisbee tic tac toe uses an inexpensive shower curtain taped off to make the tic tac toe grid and nine frisbees. It takes some skill to get a frisbee to land in just the right way, so this game could take some hilarious turns!

  • No hands allowed. Kickball is a fun game for all ages, but big kids can really get into the game - just don’t break a window!

  • Race me! Races of all kinds are fun! Classics like egg on spoon, potato sack (or pillowcase) are always a hit but you can also mix it up with your own unique twists like crab walk, blindfolded or jump roping.

Whatever the age and whatever the activity, getting outside is the best way to have some fun!

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