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We bring you the Best Quality Inflatables for the Ultimate in Bouncing Fun!

Here at Lake Erie Inflatables we want you to have the most fun possible on our inflatables! This is why we have taken the time and done our research to find the best inflatables on the market. We strive to bring our customers high-quality inflatables that will be fun for kids of all ages.

There are many inflatable companies out there, and there are many inferior products. We understand that cost is a huge factor when looking for inflatables to rent, but there are so many other aspects to an inflatable other than price.

Safety is our top priority and it is the top priority for the manufacturers we purchase our inflatables from. Trust us when we say that not all inflatables are created equal. We have done our homework so you can feel safe and have fun on a Lake Erie Inflatable.

We purchase our giant inflatables from two top rated and well-known companies in the United States - N Flatables and Magic Jump. Both supply businesses and consumers with commercial grade quality inflatables that are designed for repetitive use for many years. Both companies use heavy duty, 18 oz commercial grade PVC coated vinyl. This is superior to a residential grade inflatable which means it will wear better and last longer.

 Our Princess Themed Bounce Castle is the Perfect Setting for a Child's Birthday Party. Bouncing a fun form of Exercise and gets the Kids Moving All Afternoon!

Not only are the materials used to make the inflatables and bounce houses top notch, the stitching is professional quality as well. N Flatables, which provides our Princess KidZone Wet/Dry Combo #PrincessParty and Knights Castle Combo inflatable, uses double-stitching on every seam of the inflatable and reinforcing mattress seams, for a total of six rows of stitching. Magic Jump uses a blend stitch technique. The company turns its product inside out and then completes the stitching - meaning the stitches are hidden and therefore less likely to cause rips or tears.

Not only are the inflatables made with better high-quality materials and manufactured using the highest quality standards, using a commercial quality inflatable is just a better experience all the way around.

Our Knights Themed Castle is a great addition to a Birthday Party, Block Party or other Group Events. Kids love to Jump and Play and use their Imaginations!

When compared to a residential grade inflatable (such as one you can purchase at a big-box store), commercial grade inflatables and bounce houses are typically larger, longer (10-80 feet versus 3-15 feet) and can hold more people at a time. They also use metal stakes to secure them in the ground instead of plastic and have higher walls to ensure safety. Commercial grade inflatables are also safe for both indoor and outdoor use, whereas residential inflatables should only be used outside.

The inflatables we have available go the extra mile for their customers. Safety rules are clearly labeled on the outside of the unit and covers are used on the slides to keep them cool on even the hottest of summer days. All N Flatables and Magic Jump use lead-safe and flame-retardant materials. N Flatables also mentions their additional safety features like FingerSafe™ mesh netting and sun shades that help keep kids safely inside the inflatable.

Our Star Wars Millennium Falcon Giant Inflatable is a Huge Crowd Pleaser! From the Die-Hard Fan to the Newest Padawan, Star Wars is a Huge Hit!

Magic Jump, which provides our Star Wars MILLENNIUM FALCON Experience and STAR WARS Obstacle Course with Slide Wet or Dry #StarWarsParty, has built-in deflators when the party has come to an end. The heavy-duty industrial-grade zippers are covered with hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection. This decreases air leakage and protects it from misuse and excessive wear. The zippers also provide for easy access to the inside of inflatables for easy cleaning and inspection for wear-and-tear.

Several of our inflatables have a wet/dry feature meaning water can be added to make a water inflatable slide. Magic Jump states the company uses hot-welding technology to seal the vinyl in all of their water slides This method minimizes the amount of water that may seep into the inflatable.

Both companies also comply with standards set for by the ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials), an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. They also adhere to all safety measures set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Bottom line - we at Lake Erie Inflatables care about you and want you to have the best experience with our inflatables. That is why we make sure to get the best quality product with a proven record of safety and reliability. You should expect the best when you rent an inflatable and at Lake Erie Inflatables, we give you the best.

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